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The most reliable and well designed Steel School Furniture, Wooden School Furniture , Wooden and Steel Furniture, that offer supreme comfort at quite reasonable price points.

About Us

Furniture used in educational institutions as well as places where students live like hostels and dorms are no stranger to rough handling, which is why special care has to be taken in their fabrication to make sure that they can endure it all for a long time without sacrificing any speck of utility. DLR Industries offers a highly acclaimed range of supreme quality wooden and steel furniture for colleges and schools, that boast unparalleled build quality, ergonomic build quality and peerless endurance, that too, in a highly comfortable form factor.

Our company was established in 2005, and in the years that rolled forth, we gradually became a favorite of clients from the aforesaid backgrounds, all thanks to our class defining range of furniture that brought us laurels from all corners of the industry. With support from a highly ambitious and equally skilled workforce, we have managed to become an eminent Manufacturer and Supplier of products like Benches, Wooden School Furniture, Steel School Furniture, Hostel Furniture, Tables and Stainless Steel Beds among others.

What Do We Offer?

Ours is an assorted array of best-in-class wooden and steel furniture for educational institutions, that has been designed and put together using superior grade material to make them last longer and offer higher comfort. Following is a list of broad categories to which our products belong:
  • Beds
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Cots
  • Benches
  • Stools
An Assurance of Unmatched Comfort and Longevity

As far as educational institutions like colleges and schools are concerned, the furniture used in their premises for seating and other purposes, they should ideally be made of high quality materials, given the rough handling they endure on part of students and should be easy to use too. With the same in mind, we design our portfolio of furniture in such a way that they not only offer superior comfort due to their ergonomic design, but also last for considerably longer span of time, thanks to the high quality materials employed to build. Moreover, the furniture surface comes polished with multiple layers of chemical coats, that cut off the surface contact with hazardous agents and in case of the wooden furniture, they protect against biological and environmental factors such as water and microbes.


It is a known fact, and a subject of great pride for us, that the wooden and steel furniture bearing the seal of DLR Industries is warmly received by consumers without having any second thoughts and concerns about their build quality and efficiency. The praise and applause goes to our personnel and our advanced fabrication facility where they are designed and manufactured under the supervision of technical experts and quality controller. The production unit is spread over a vast expanse of land and is accoutered with latest generation of machines and equipment like precision cutting rigs, etching instruments, lathe machines, sanders and planers among others, that enable us to manufacture our range of world class furniture.